Fatal accident in the Kharkiv region: the Police confirmed that the driver of the Lexus was the former official Chechelnitsky

Смертельная авария в Харьковской области: Полиция подтвердила, что за рулем Lexus был экс-чиновник Чечельницкий

Behind the wheel of one of cars-participants of the fatal crash on August 19 in Kharkiv region was the former chief architect of Kiev Sergey Chechelnitsky. This information was confirmed by Ukraine.

In particular, this was announced at a briefing head of the Main Department of Ukraine in Kharkiv region Oleh Bech, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“I confirm that the chief architect was driving a Lexus he was moving along the main road,” said Bech.

He said that at the moment this case has no suspects.

“Until you have conducted the necessary examinations, will not be studied the movement and speed of the vehicles, investigators suspected not declared”, – explained the head of the Kharkiv regional Department of the police.

However, the Deputy head of the regional Department Sergey Chizh said that the investigation is considering three versions of the incident.

“The first version – a violation of traffic rules by the driver of the car VAZ, resulting in serious consequences. The second version – the violation of traffic rules by the driver of the Lexus. The third version – a violation of both drivers, a Vase, and Lexus, the traffic regulations, entailed heavy consequences,” said Siskin.

He also added that Lexus stopped at a distance of about 200 m from the point of impact.

The accident is being investigated with the qualification under part 3 of article 286 of the Criminal code (violation of rules of traffic safety or transport operation by persons which operate vehicles if they entailed death of several persons).

The national police urged drivers who could become witnesses of the accident, report this to the police.

Recall that the accident occurred on August 19 about 15:00 near the village of sandy Volchansk district of Kharkiv region. Faced VAZ and Lexus. As a result, 77-year-old driver and 63-year-old passenger of the VAZ died on the spot. Another 74-year-old passenger of the VAZ died in the carriage of an emergency.

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