“Fatal-Station” — Only in the middle of nowhere

Photo: ARTV

If you are not a subscriber to Tou.tv Extra, where the series has been put online in December 2016, here is finally your chance to discover Fatal-Station.


After escaping from the clutches of the mysterious Dylan (Victor Andrés Trelles Turgeon) who was trying to kill her, Sarah (Macha Limonchik) takes refuge in a Fatal-Station, hick town run by a authoritarian woman, the redoubtable John O’gallagher (Micheline Lanctôt).


If Montreal’s immediately appealed to the residents of the place, and especially to Eddy (Claude Legault), the bartender of the bar-restaurant chinese Beijing Palace fond of poetry, she immediately becomes suspect in the eyes of the matriarch who will do anything for the hunt by Fatal-Station. However, the headstrong Sarah is Tarek (Reda Guerinik), responsible for the maintenance of the church, a valuable ally.


Directed by Rafaël Ouellet (New address) and it was written by Stéphane Bourguignon (All about me), Fatal-Station is a thriller in rural and oppressive original where one juggles cleverly with the codes of the western. Exploiting brilliantly the spirit of the bell tower, the series features a plethora of characters who hide many secrets, that one takes patiently the pleasure to discover from one episode to the other.



Artv, Thursday, 21 h