Faustine Bollaert has not “married by accident” Maxime Chatham : “He has the gift of making the everyday a little crazy” – Gala


The host Faustine Bollaert tells the couple that she forms with her husband, the writer Maxime Chatham. Together, they share a daily life full of surprises, punctuated by the stories inventive, and the passionate statements of the novelist. Which is not to displease the young mother, who leaves willingly take ” in the stars “.

A love story like no other. The host Faustine Bollaert and her husband, the famous writer of dark novels, Maxime Chatham have experienced a real stroke of lightning there are now six years old, in a broadcast on Europe 1. The one that now shows the program That starts today, on France 2, was assigned this week to the magazine the two of Us, on their romance out of the ordinary.


And the least we can say is that the young mom heaps praise on the one who shares his life. What she seems to love above all, it is the imagination and creativity of Maxime Chatham. I have not married at random, pleasing the facilitator. He knows we are building a life full of fantasy and dream. When he tells us stories, I never know if it’s true or if I embark on a fairy-tale magical. He has the gift of making the everyday a little crazy. Together they are the proud parents of Abbie, age 4, and Peter, 2 years old.


The pretty brunette 38-year-old goes even further. Living with her husband, this writer’s a bit whimsical, this is a true ” privilege “. He offers each day the possibility of a break with the heaviness of everyday life . The routine, the humdrum ? Very little to him. Thanks to his madness, the surprise and passion are always waiting for you. Our relationship is very balanced, I brings him back to earth, and it takes me to the stars , concluded she, obviously conquered. Without forgetting that to live with a novelist talented, he is also regularly receive beautiful declarations of love inflamed…

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