FBI and NSA deny any listening to Trump during the campaign

FBI director James Comey on Monday contradicted President Donald Trump, who accused more than two weeks ago on Twitter of Barack Obama having placed the Trump Tower on wire tapping during the 2016 presidential campaign.
“The Department (Justice) has no information supporting these tweets,” said James Comey at a hearing in the House of Representatives.
“No president could” order such listening, he said, stressing the “rigor” of the legal procedure to listen to American citizens, which involves the signature of a specialized judge.
The director of the NSA listening agency, Admiral Mike Rogers, then denied that Washington could ask the British spy services to spy on Donald Trump, as a conservative commentator, taken over by the door – spokesman of the White House last week.
“I have not seen anything from the NSA about such an activity, and no one has asked us to conduct such an activity,” Mike Rogers said in the same parliamentary hearing.
The boss of the powerful spy agency pointed out that such a request would have damaged the ties between Washington and London.
London said last week that it was “ridiculous” to imagine that Barack Obama is asking the British services to spy on Donald Trump.
Investigation of links between Moscow and relatives of Trump
FBI director James Comey on Monday confirmed an investigation into attempts at Russian interference in the 2016 US presidential campaign, including a possible “coordination” between members of the Trump team and the government Russian.
“I have received permission from the Ministry of Justice to confirm that the FBI, as part of our counter-intelligence mission, is investigating the attempts of the Russian government to interfere in the 2016 presidential election, “Said James Comey at a hearing before the Intelligence Committee of the House of Representatives.
“This includes investigating the nature of any connection between individuals linked to the Trump campaign team and the Russian government, and to determine whether there has been coordination between the campaign and the Russian efforts, he says.
The existence of these investigations has been reported by several US media for several months, but the FBI does not usually confirm or deny such investigations.
However, due to “public interest” in this case, James Comey felt it necessary to confirm them publicly.
“I can not say more about what we do, nor about the people we look at,” the FBI director added. “We can not do our job well if we start talking about it while we do it.”
The hearing began with the listing by Democrat Adam Schiff of numerous contacts between members of the campaign team or the entourage of Donald Trump and those close to the Kremlin, including the Russian ambassador to the states -United.
“Is it possible that all these events are completely independent, nothing but pure coincidences? Yes, it is possible, “said Schiff. “But it is also possible, perhaps more than possible, that they are not coincidences.”

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