Feast for Valentine’s day

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Ladies and Gentlemen, this year, instead of the nice, but a bit banal bouquet of flowers, offer her a nice treat.

A feast for two prepared-to-measure means taking the time to choose the menu, find the ingredients, choose the wine that the other likes both, to choose the dishes, to cook by crossing the fingers to do the dishes… Or to make it short : love. Love simply through a meal. This perfect meal that brings you closer to irremediably from one another, and no doubt will be followed by a night of love. This isn’t some effort and a little time in the kitchen ? Quickly, to your pots : we will show them that we love around the table.

For this special meal, I would advise you to concentrate on the dish and the dessert, and buy ready-made such as oysters, shrimp or a salad for which you will need to prepare a small sauce.

For the dish, prepare a tartare of tuna and salmon, or a skewer of stuffed peppers.

The dessert is prepared in advance, because it is the time of the great deception. As the chocolate still has its place in this day of the feast of lovers, choose among the desserts easy, I offers you. For those that the chocolate does not attract, the roasted pineapple with star anise will be a great effect on the be charming with its warm spices.


Skewer of stuffed peppers

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Pie mint

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Pie chocolate-cognac

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Ice cream with crispy black forest

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Roasted pineapple with star anise

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