Federal Budget: Denis Lebel shares Labeaume’s grievances

If Justin Trudeau does not have a political lieutenant for the provinces, it is to stifle their recriminations, believes the former representative of the Harper government for Quebec, Denis Lebel, who shares the grievances of Mayor Regis Labeaume subject.
The member for Lac-Saint-Jean was not asked to comment on the Mayor’s recriminations on the lack of an interlocutor in Ottawa to advance his files. The latter said Thursday he was bored of the time when he had a designated interlocutor at the federal level since it was now complicated to have an attentive ear to Ottawa.
“Since the election, the government has abolished the roles of economic development agency ministers for the regions of Canada and abolished the role of provincial political lieutenants. All this for what? So that there is no one who fights, who defends the different provinces or regions of the country, “says Mr. Lebel.
Easier to manage
He feels that it is much easier to run a central government where no one has a mandate to represent a region or a province because the challenges remain unproductive. According to him, in the long term, Justin Trudeau’s office will become “even more ubiquitous” than at the time of his former boss, Stephen Harper. “But that, no one talks about it,” he said.
“Minister Duclos was told as Minister,” You are not a Quebec Minister, you are a Minister of Canada. ” And Quebec in our ways of doing people need to refer to someone who carries the flag, “continues Denis Lebel, reiterating Mr. Labeaume’s comments that the member for Quebec and the Minister of the Family told him that” It has no responsibility either for the province or for the region.
The elected official believes that it is legitimate to make a place between the lack of a political lieutenant in Quebec and the fact that no file from Quebec was found in the federal budget presented Wednesday. The five Conservative MPs in the region signed a statement Thursday in which they claim the region was abandoned in the fiscal year.

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