Final State: rocker in both official languages

Quebec The members of Final State have never hidden it: from the beginning, they had an eye on an international career, defending an entirely English-speaking repertoire. Without abandoning its ambitions, the Quebec City team continues its journey by developing more links with its fans here, thanks to a new album where French sneaks on six tracks.

In eight years, much has changed for Final State. The troupe, which brings together Rick Pagano (vocals), Vincent Blackburn (bass), Mathieu Lortie (guitar) and Olivier Bibeau (drums), was initially independent for two mini albums and then hosted on a label with His first recording, It’s Life . The group has earned top honors with the simple Make Up Your Mind , combined performances, as well as some stays overseas, including South By Southwest. Sufficient experience, therefore, to know where he wanted to go with his second album. First, the four accomplices changed their record company, now staying with St Laurent – a branch of Coyote – and they decided to do it all themselves.

“The fact that we realized it ourselves, it allowed us to put our personal influences at 100%,” notes Olivier.

“By isolating ourselves like that, we did not have a network [Internet], it cut us off from the outside world, so creativity was really there; There was only music that could be done, “adds Vincent.

Eight-Hand Writing

The guys worked for six months to shape this project. All the pieces were born in this improvised studio, while one took shape when they allowed themselves an outlet along the river, in Saint-Irénée. One constant, however: the musicians have gaffe not to accumulate too many sound layers, preferring to emphasize the quality of the content and interpretations.

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“For us, it was important that they be incredible performances,” insists Mathieu. Let the vocal perfos be super sincere as much as the musical perfos. We wanted less flafla, more purified … ”

In this way, Final State also highlighted the lyrics of his songs. All the material exists in an entirely Anglophone, gold for the album, as well as for the shows in Quebec, six songs are proposed in their French versions. It is not entirely in the language of Moliere: French cohabits with English; And Rick knew how to appropriate the texts fully and to deliver them with a lot of naturalness.

“We had already made several songs in French, like Make Up Your Mind ,” says Mathieu. Since we started with French, we really took a taste of it, even if Rick, at the base, is English-speaking. For this album, we tried to mix English and French … ”

“We settled the four to write the tunes in French and the songs really became something else,” Rick said. There are many francophone versions that I prefer to English versions. When there are four people working on a text, it seems! ”


Interestingly, although Final State can stand out with its simple – already two excerpts from the album have appeared, WAYN? And Fever – guys also wanted this second album to have consistency. Several instrumental vignettes are included and come to link the ensemble in the same way that instrumentalists like to propose links between their compositions in their stage performances.

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Now that the album has appeared, the quartet is about to take the road. A tour is organized for the festivals and for the autumn, not to mention the shows that the group is simmering in the immediate future, to celebrate the release of the new material, including April 28, at the Imperial.

“We kept the same team as on the last tour,” says Vincent. We managed to put more magic tricks, more lighting and a staging, but we do not want to say too much, we keep the surprise! ”

A trip to LA

Final State flew to Los Angeles to shoot the clips of the first two excerpts of his new album, WAYN? And Fever . “We had confidence in the production box of the clips,” Vincent recalls. We had five days to shoot the clips, we worked super strong on it, we wanted to deliver! ”

Not only did the guys take down the job, but they made a stop at the reputable Norman’s Guitars store, where they not only did a performance that was filmed and then aired on the owner’s YouTube channel, but they happened to meet composer of recent films Star Wars , Michael Giacchino, who was shopping for his coffee boy …