Finally out of the shadow

Enfin sorti de l’ombre

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BOSTON | performance in the regular season are a thing, but it recognizes above all the great players by their contribution in the playoffs.

After a spring of modest last year, David Pastrnak has started this tournament in spring on the hats of wheels. Because of its evenings of three and six points, the Czech dominates briskly, the column of pointers to the NHL.

“This is an evening hatch ? It might be, time will tell, said Bruce Cassidy, coach of the Bruins at the end of the glittering victory of 7 to 3 of the Bruins at the expense of the Maple Leafs on Saturday. Six points in a game in the playoffs, including a hat trick, it certainly is special. “

Bergeron not surprised

Thanks to this evening, the right wing of 21 years is to discover the face of the world. However, it would have been easy to see it coming.

After all, this choice for the first round of the Bruins (25th overall) in 2014 has been dominated by the goal scorers for the Bruins this season, and move the ropes in 35 opportunities.

His 34 goals in 2016-2017, had made him the only scorer of 30 goals for the Bruins, with Brad Marchand (39 goals).

“It has not yet all the recognition that he deserves. It is still under-estimated. This is normal, it is still learning to know him in the NHL, has agreed to Patrice Bergeron to the author of these lines. However, from our side, we know already. We know his talent and we all know what he can bring to the team. A performance like this one will help a lot in this that we discover. “

Not an easy customer

No doubt about it, the opponents of the Bruins, starting with the Maple Leafs on Monday night, he will now carry particular attention. However, defeating him will not be an easy matter.

“He can dodge some of the updates failed, to absorb 20 % of a contact, stay on his feet and keep his wandering to go to 30 or 40 % in sequences where, in the past, it would have been stopped in its course. It’s just a physical maturity but also mental maturity to know what to expect of the playoffs, ” praised Cassidy.

In addition, compared to several talented players, not simply his skills with the puck that make him a player dangerous.

“He wants to be the one that makes the difference, the one who wants to make the games and those who want to chase the puck if we don’t have it in our possession. This is what impresses me of him, ” said Bergeron. There are several skilled players who are only when they have the puck. When they don’t, they do not want it as much as him. “

Player full

A description which is quite similar to what is also Torey Krug, positioned at the blue line to admire the prowess of his team-mate.

“What he does in attack, I think we expected that. It is the whole of his game which amazes all the world, he said. It comes out the washer of the territory, battle it out along the ramp, it folds, it involves in the enclave. It gives energy to everyone on the bench. “

Like what, there’s a way to be good without the puck, knowing what to do when it was on the palette…