Fires in California : Levi Leipheimer upset on the ruins of his house

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Levi Leipheimer in the ruins of his house in Santa Rosa, in Sonoma county California, on October 11, 2017 after the passage of devastating fires. Photo Instagram.

The former cyclist has shared images of desolation and its very deep emotion, but also his will to overcome the test.

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One might think these images are outputs of a disaster film hollywood, but this is the grim reality : wildfires since last Sunday the California sow desolation… So that the fires have already caused the death of 31 persons and that of hundreds of others are reported missing, an illustrious inhabitant of the county of Sonoma, Levi Leipheimer, has shared via Instagram photos shocking : like many, he lost his house, but he is healthy and except.

Famous inhabitant of Santa Rosa, in this area north of San Francisco very severely affected by the fires that rage, the former professional cyclist is back home after the passage of the flames. They have nothing left but a few walls and arches of stone… “I have lost my home but not my home, here in Sonoma county. We will overcome all of this”, he responded with character in surveying the rubble of what was once his home, in a fog apocalyptic where one distinguishes even more the sun.

Well known within the local community, in particular for a bicycle race, a charity that he organizes every year in the region (the King Ridge GranFando), the former teammate of Lance Armstrong on the Tour de France and three-time winner of the Tour of California has brought online a few hours later a video made on the road, filming the desolate landscapes, the charred and still smoldering. “Thank you for sending your thoughts and prayers to the inhabitants of the counties of Sonoma and Napa. So many of my friends, my neighbours and the people in my community have lost so big. It is really upsetting, I broke the heart”, he commented in the caption.

I lost my house but not my home here in Sonoma County. We WILL make it through this.

A publication sharing by Levi Leipheimer (@levileipheimer) on 10 Oct. 2017 11h29 PDT

Please send your thoughts and prayers to the people of Sonoma and Napa Counties. So many of my friends, neighbors and my community have lost so much. It’s truly devastating and heartbreaking.

A publication sharing by Levi Leipheimer (@levileipheimer) on 11 Oct. 2017 9h49 PDT

The situation was further worsened Thursday, the fires continue to progress under the effect of dry winds that complicate the action of some 8,000 firefighters engaged on many fronts because of the multiple foci.

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