Five new films about the Second world war, based on real events

Пять новых фильмов о Второй мировой, основанных на реальных событиях

Five new films about the Second world war, based on real events
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Photo: Kinopoisk

Comedy about Jews, the assassination in Prague and the race on the tanks from Kharkov to Moscow.

“Based on a true story”: the credits at the beginning of any film added weight to the painting, and the viewer call for more trust and empathy. Over the past year in rolling out several interesting films, each of which bore the proud stamp of “real events”. Here we will find them, including the coincidence with real events.

“The wife of the zoo Keeper”

Coincidence with real events.

History. The organizer and first Director of the Warsaw zoo, Jan zhabinsky and his wife Antonina saved 300 Jews from the Warsaw ghetto. The righteous of the world.

Film. “We have a lot of space, we’ll hide,” says Antonina again and again to her husband. Well zoo is great. And places enough to hide hundreds of people. However, everything hangs in the balance because of Antonina in love with a German officer Lutz. Great game Jessica Chastain (“interstellar”, “the Martian”) and Daniel Bruhl (“Inglourious Basterds”). The drama set off the beautiful shooting with lions, elephants, monkeys. Fortunately, a happy ending.

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Coincidence with real events.

History. The attempt on the third person of the Reich Reinhard Heydrich in Prague in 1942. The mission was a success and was called “Anthropoid” (“humanoid”).

Film. Perhaps the darkest of the films this collection. The British intelligence Agency sent agents Joseph Gabcik and Jan kubiš in Prague (beautiful city views – the only thing that will be enjoyable in the film) to organize the assassination, together with the Czechoslovak Resistance.

The murder of SS General who was the Governor of Bohemia and Moravia, Heydrich would lead to mass repression that would be shot 1331 Czech. Perish all special agents: Gabcik and six committing suicide, taken in the environment, and Kubis will die from his wounds. Will be killed by the priests of the monastery where I was hiding underground, and prohibited the Czech Orthodox Church. Whether one attempt of such victims? The main question that you need to find the answer while watching a movie.

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Coincidence with real events: good.

History. In may 1940 near the town of Dunkirk was blocked by 330 thousand British soldiers. Their deaths would leave England without troops. But London sent to evacuate all ships, including civilian boats, and saved the army.

Film. In the film Christopher Nolan will not be the General view of the battle, counter attack, staffs on both sides of the English channel. All global, as in the sculptures of the old masters – will be cut off. Left only the essence, he wanted to show the artist: a few human lives, escape, stupidity, fear, heroism.

We will see the same story from the cockpit of the famous fighter “Spitfire”, from the wheelhouse of the civilian yacht “moonstone” and from the seekers of salvation of the English soldiers.

Cameras mounted on the wings of the aircraft provide an incredible feeling of presence. In “Dunkirk” a lot of the sky. And when it gets a lot of water, so it’s time or to drown, or survive.

Despite the fact that the main characters in “Dunkerque” will be typed almost a dozen, the feeling of a global flight, the tension and despair of the entire operation transferred perfectly. Here we will see a French deserter, and the innocent victim the boy, and the pilot-hero. Which seems to be just oversized fuel tank. Well, without pathos are not. This is perhaps the most famous painting of our review three of the award “Oscar” this year.

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“One day in Germany”

Coincidence with real events: small.

History. For the canvas of the film is only one fact: after the victory over fascism within a few years all the Jews massively left Germany, but about 3-4 thousand and decided to stay and continue to live in Germany.

Film. This is a fun and somewhat acutely rollicking movie about the remaining. The survivors decide to go into business. And quite cynically believe that the Germans would buy their goods at any price – because of the guilt. Do not hesitate to raise prices, cheat. Slip a few jokes on the edge – about the relationship between Jews and Germans, Hitler, the executions.

Bold in their humor movie. We have not learned to look at past shocks. To forgive through humor.

Decoration painting – one of the most famous actors of German Moritz Bleibtreu (“Knockin’ on heaven”, “Run Lola, run!”).


– The Germans are generally distrustful, and if it comes to a Jew, and even more so.

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Coincidence with real events: small.

History. In March 1940 Mikhail Koshkin, the legendary Creator of the T-34, head of KB of tanks Kharkiv locomotive plant, is making an unprecedented tank run Kharkov – Moscow to simultaneously experience new cars and show them off to the Soviet leadership.

Film. The Directors have made of the real historical events of the Western in the spirit of “Elusive Avengers”. All 750 kilometers from Kharkiv to Moscow two tanks chasing German spies on motorcycles, and a lot of group. Then climbs some horse Cossacks, and maybe Makhno. And, of course, will have their own pests traitors.

Such a road tank movie in the middle of the USSR forties. Maybe the Director has a right to such a vision. But do not forget that in this run designer Koshkin contracted pneumonia, and later lost a lung and died in September of the same year, even before the war. Left and the graves piece in Kharkov was bombed by the Germans. Here’s a story From the legendary T-34 on the pedestal and bust Koshkina at the entrance of the Malyshev plant.

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Isle of dogs: adult cartoon about repression and revolution

In may, the Ukrainian film was very unusual, social and hard cartoon, received an award of the Berlinale.