Five tigers in the freezer!

Five eviscerated tigers were found in a Vietnamese’s freezer, an official newspaper reported on Tuesday in the Nghe An province in a country considered a hub for wildlife trafficking.
The five frozen tigers, with their skin intact, were discovered Monday, according to the provincial newspaper. They were Indochina tigers, according to the Vietnam News Agency (AVI).
According to officials, the police must continue investigating. The police refused to comment.
The organs and bones of tigers are used in traditional medicine in Vietnam. The bones of tigers are often boiled and mixed with rice alcohol to make a mixture known to treat osteoarthritis and give strength.
Local demand feeds illegal traffic on ivory or rhinoceros horn. Vietnam also serves as a stopover for wildlife trafficking in Asia, including neighboring China.
According to environmental organizations, Vietnam is one of the worst countries for the trafficking of endangered species, which the country denies.
In November, Prince William pulled the alarm bell on the extinction of wild animals and pleaded for the cessation of trafficking at an international conference in Hanoi.

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