Flavors for the 3rd Night of the Covered Bridge

The 3rd Night of the Covered Bridge promises a rich and bursting programming during its 24-hour microfestival.

The event will begin with a local flavor while visitors will be able to taste the products of Quebec microbrewers and discover the accomplishments of local artists. The GOULD, a circus of words, the Parkour workshop, the land art workshops and the tribal dance performance of the Nahima Tribe will complete the portrait of this first portion of the day. The restaurant “Le Tapageur” ​​proposes the dinner menu.

During the evening, hosted by David Goudreault, music lovers will have the opportunity to go under the covered bridge to discover Sherbrooke’s Imogen Grant, Montreal’s Dalhousie Groove, the Quebec band The Blaze Velluto Collection, and the Torontonians From The Holy Gasp. It is Urbain Desbois who will conclude the musical rendezvous.

For those who wish, campgrounds for tent or small VR will be offered free on the festival site. A voluntary lunch will be served the next day.

Tickets are sold in presale at a cost of $ 30 until August 12th. They will then be offered at a cost of $ 40. Tickets can be purchased online at lanuitdupontcouvert.com and at the following locations: Morin General Store, Roulée Gould, Le Salon Publibrairie, the Vent du Nord beer store and the Salon Barbart.

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