Flies to the Earth asteroid the size of the Eiffel tower

Astrophysicists warn of the approach to Earth asteroid, which is already recorded in the directories as a potential killer of our planet. Celestial body about the size of the Eiffel tower, close to the dangerous distance day, April 29.

Scientists, by posting your message, say, that the asteroid 2013 US3 in 13 days will fly past Earth at a safe distance, if the path is not going to happen its collision with another celestial object that could change the trajectory. However, in the five years of observations, astronomers calculated the pattern of motion 2013 US3, which involves the attraction of the asteroid the gravitational field of the Earth in about 20 years.

The asteroid will be one of the few large cosmic bodies that are involved in orbital motion around our planet. The theory of the movement of such cars, suggests that they are able to rotate around the planet a short time, reducing the distance. Moreover, the 2013 US3 speed is eight kilometers per second. Scientists continue to monitor the asteroid threat.