The flu epidemic Ternopil currently not threatened

XvDity-300x225-300x218Despite the wet weather and cheese, influenza field is not terrible. Experts say compared to the previous week, a decrease in the incidence of SARS. And to the epidemiological threshold far.

At the Ternopil incidence of influenza and SARS held at seasonal, according to the seasons. Epidemic thresholds are not exceeded. A incidence rates are among the lowest in Ukraine.

Svetlana MATSIPURA, Chief Specialist PG Gossanepidsluzhby in:

“The overall incidence in the last week of the population of the region was 23.6 cases per 10 thousand population, with 51.6 epidporohovomu sense. That is, the threshold least as great as we have stock. In the last week, fell ill in 2530 people, of which 48% were children. ”

Increased incidence forecast in late January – early February. According to WHO in Ukraine projected circulation of three strains of influenza virus. That is: AH1N1 (CA), influenza B (MA) and AH3N2 (Texas). The latter strain, according to Svetlana Matsipury for this epidsezonu new. Therefore, it is useful to take care of vaccination.

Svetlana MATSIPURA, Chief Specialist PG Gossanepidsluzhby in:

“Effective vaccination is in front of the epidemic period. So far we have before this epidemic period when no many patients. It should be vaccinated. Vaccination is an effective, safe. Vaccination against influenza is, and it is against topical strains of influenza viruses that are currently projected epidsezon. ”

Epidemiologists say though vaccine comes in a fairly limited number, but it can be purchased at their own expense, and still be vaccinated.

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