Focus magazine presented a ranking of the most influential women of Ukraine

The editors of the magazine “Focus” together with the experts once again made a list of women who have the greatest impact on political, economic, social and cultural processes in the country.

“We have collected 100 stories, success stories, inspiring stories, stories which are an example, a beacon,” says editor rating Olga Black.

Organizers note: the rating has shown once again that a woman’s place in the Ukrainian society has increased significantly.

“The list 2006 probably a good quarter of the rating was assistants, press secretaries, today the rating included a woman Governor of the Kharkiv region, the head of the Supreme court, several members of the Central election Commission”, – said the chief editor of the magazine “Focus” Evgeniy gordeychuk.

In addition to political figures, this year the rating first came popular bloggers, psychologists and journalists. Latest readers want to see in the top ten.

“I think probably the next ranking will be headed by the representatives of the media, journalists,” – says the PR-Director of TV channel “112 Ukraine,” Yulia Pavlenko.

The editorial stressed once more, the influential Ukrainian women are not only those which have weight in society and are considered authorities in a certain part of society, but also associate themselves with Ukraine.

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