Football stars and children with down syndrome are a fan of the team in “high-profile” project

2 years FIFA social program “Football for hope” supports the education of children with down’s syndrome playing football in Moscow. More than 40 children and teenagers from 7 to 21 weekly, attend training sessions and participate in friendly tournaments. There are already methods of teaching football to people with down syndrome, based on observations of the coaches during class. The Fund is a “Syndrome of love” shares his accumulated experience with the regions.

For the world Cup 2018, FIFA 2018 in Russia launched a separate social project #FOTBALOVEHO, which brought together professional athletes and special teenagers, passionate about football. Also in the shootings took part in the star cheerleader of the team — actor and TV presenter Sergei Svetlakov.

One of the participants of the project — the star of “Zenit” Alexander Kerzhakov, the best scorer in the history of Russian football. Over the shoulders of the athlete serious experience of doing good: Kerzhakov develops its own charitable Foundation “Stars for children”. So, in 2017 in his native St. Petersburg, he organized a photo exhibition in support of children with down syndrome, and a year later accepted the invitation of the Foundation “Syndrome of love.” In the video, Alexander co-starred with 16-year-old Rimma Ismayilova, the hero of “triple chants” with Kerzhakov and Svetlakov became 20-summer Anton Sankevich.

Fedor Bondarchuk is recognized: for his first experience with people with down syndrome and he is delighted with the shooting. “I’ll think about a separate project with such young people and women. They have amazing energy,” says the Director.

“We believe that support will help to score. Score on the difference in the genes!” sounds like a line chants that says the captain of the Moscow “Spartak” Denis Glushakov. The player also takes an active part in charity events aimed at helping children. In 2014, Glushakov was built on private money stadium in his native city of Millerovo. The player starred in the same movie with 15-year-old Vadim and Calcium.

Midfielder team Russia Alexander Golovin is the youngest player among the participants of the project. The upcoming championship will be the first in the career of the athlete. The hero chants together with Golovin became 22-summer Artem Silin.

CSKA midfielder Alan Dzagoev starred in one movie with Vlad by Sitdikova, world champion in bench press Championships. Vlad, along with his bride Mary Khakamada has already participated in social shares “Syndrome of love”, has appeared on radio and television.

The heroine of the movie, with the defender of Russian national team Sergey Ignashevich was a 15-year-old Svetlana Kislyakova.

To support the project “Football for good”, send SMS on number 3443 with the text СД100. The funds will be used to prepare the boys for the First all-Russian competitions on mini-football among people with down syndrome. Games will be held in 2019 with the support of the “Syndrome of love” and the Federation of sports persons with intellectual disabilities.

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