For 3.5 years the number of judges in Ukraine decreased by one third, – the head of the CCG

За 3,5 года количество судей в Украине уменьшилось на треть, - глава ВККС

Chairman vkks Sergii Koziakov said that over the last three and a half years, the number of judges in Ukraine decreased by 3.2 thousand. About it reports “Gromadske”.

According to him, when he began working the new composition of the Vienna Convention (three and a half years ago), Ukraine had about 9 thousand judges, now their number has decreased to 5.8 thousand.

“Because we have the requirements were people and politicians to reform the serious of two components — a cleaning and update. Unfortunately, cleaning is much faster than an upgrade,” said Koziakov.

He said that in 2016 in conjunction with the National anti-corruption Bureau vkks start the procedure of initial qualification evaluation.

“Live actually asked many unpleasant questions about the States and so on. Only 350 of the judges scored it we first, and in the next four months, has resigned more than 1.5 thousand of judges”, — said the Chairman of the CCG.

Koziakov also reminded that if there was an electronic Declaration, “which was a lot to learn”.

Due to the lack of judges in Ukraine do not work 22 the court.

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