For a rapprochement with NATO and the EU, there is no need to change the Constitution.

Для сближения с НАТО и ЕС нет необходимости менять Конституцию, - политолог

For a rapprochement with NATO and the EU Ukraine has no need to change the Constitution, because it is not what prevents Ukraine to integrate and interact with NATO and the EU. Such opinion on air of TV channel “112 Ukraine” said the political scientist Peter oleschuk.

“Requirements to change the Constitution can not be, because objectively she’s not that bad. The problem is that very few people execute. There are no obstacles to Ukraine somewhere integrated, interacted with the EU. We have to work and not to change the basic law because it discreditied idea of the basic law,” he said.

Oleshchuk also added that changing the Constitution can be interpreted as a violation of the Minsk agreements.

“The negative consequences may be different. This can be interpreted as a violation of the Minsk agreements and appeals to the occupied territories as part of Ukraine, which is to Express an opinion on this issue… I’m not saying that there are some rather serious risks. As for me, a serious risk in this situation is the relationship with yourself as NATO and the EU. The fact that we put them in a situation where they have no choice .. Merkel said recently that 10 years let’s wait, then the issue could be discussed”, – he added.

Recall President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko has submitted to Parliament draft amendments to the Constitution of the Euro-Atlantic direction of Ukraine.

According to the President’s representative in the Verkhovna Rada Iryna Lutsenko, will be amended in article 85, 102, 116, which provides for liability of BP, the President of Ukraine and the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine to consolidate the European, Euro-Atlantic direction. In addition, there will be changes in the preamble of the Constitution.

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