For a signature in support of Sobchak paid 100 rubles

In Ekaterinburg the campaign headquarters of the signature of voters in support of Ksenia Sobchak was valued at 100 rubles.


However, later this excitement been allayed by the chief of staff in Ekaterinburg Maxim by Vernikova. The young man explained that 100 rubles is paid not to the voters, and people who will collect these signatures. Vernikov said that the post of collector of voters ‘signatures is the same paid position, as all the others in the headquarters and that have shown initiative “have the opportunity to earn good money”. The price of 100 rubles, the equivalent of one signature, and the plans for staff to collect more than 2,500.

It was also reported that Ksenia Sobchak will personally attend the opening of the main staff of the Urals and communicate with potential voters.