For graduates of colleges and schools plan to introduce EIT mathematics and history of Ukraine

Для выпускников колледжей и училищ планируют ввести ВНО по математике и истории Украины

Ukrainian center for educational quality assessment plans from 2019 to enter the state final certification in the form of external independent testing for graduates of colleges and schools on mathematics and history of Ukraine (optional). This at a press conference on the results of EIT-2018 Director of the center Vadim Karande, transfer “Ukrainian news”.

“Among the global innovation, today announced continue introduction of state final certification of graduates of all educational institutions: students of vocational institutions and College graduates. In particular, the state final examination in the format of external assessment for them, in addition to Ukrainian, the next year will be on mathematics and history of Ukraine (optional),” said Karangi.

However, he added that ultimately, such changes will be approved by the Ministry of education and science in late August – early September of this year.

It is noted that in 2018, the testing of Ukrainian language and literature are lower than last year. This is attributed to the fact that this is the first year the test was passed by graduates of colleges and vocational schools. The level that demonstrated College graduates close to that shown by the graduates of other educational institutions, while results of PTU was low.

Carendi also noted that, in this year 884 the applicant filed an appeal against the results of the tests, which demonstrates a downward trend in unhappy of EIT.

Recall, for admission to institutions of higher education to obtain the educational degrees of the bachelor in 2018 have submitted 146 85 thousand students. According to the results of external independent assessment of 222 participants were able to get the maximum score for the test.

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