For “more humanity” at the Québec City Municipal Housing Office

strong>Quebec Four tenant advocacy groups are joining forces to ask the Quebec City Housing Authority (OMHQ) for more “humanity” in the management of its HLM and other subsidized housing.

“The Municipal Office is late, almost making a last class in its dealings with tenants,” said Robert Pilon, coordinator of the Federation of tenants of low-rent housing in Quebec. “We think people deserve better.”

“We denounced the lack of humanity in the application of the rules to the Municipal Housing Office of Quebec City,” continues Éloïse Gaudreau, of the Citizens Committee of the Saint-Sauveur neighborhood. “So the OMH Board is asked to reflect on its practices.”

Protests are numerous. The main reason is that it is virtually impossible for tenants to move from one house to another in order to improve their quality of life, to get closer to services or to a school, for example. “The only transfers that the OMHQ authorizes are in very serious cases.” Other offices supervise this practice, she says.

Everything is not gloomy at the OMHQ, nevertheless tempers Marie-Ève ​​Duchesne, of the People’s Committee Saint-Jean-Baptiste. In recent years, large sums have been injected to renovate aging HLMs. “We’re happy.”

The workers, however, land with the dust, the noise, the usual inconvenience, she notes. And tenants would feel rushed, would consider that they are not treated with due regard: no notice before entering a dwelling, not being relocated the time of work when stretching … “C Is an unacceptable practice. ”

The OMHQ also manages subsidized housing in private buildings, “continues Marie-Lou Drouin, of the Office of Animation and Information Housing of Metropolitan Quebec. Except that these apartments would not always be in good condition, according to the complaints she says receive. “The Office is wasting its hands.”

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The Quebec City Municipal Board of Housing is surprised by the criticism of community groups, although it admits that in the management of its hundreds of dwellings occasional failures may occur.

Anecdotal cases

“We are very, very surprised,” said Marc Laberge, director of communications and legal affairs. The cases raised by the four tenants’ rights organizations seem to him anecdotal. And he ensures that the necessary corrections will be made if files are submitted to him. “We’re always trying to improve.”

However, the OMHQ does not allow tenants of HLMs to move just because they want to change neighborhoods or get closer to their loved ones.

As for the inconvenience caused by the work, he ensures that the tenants receive the prescribed notices. But it is possible that among the major renovation works in progress, “something may have happened”.

Remains the quality of some private housing subsidized by the OMHQ which would leave something to be desired. “It’s surprising to hear that. […] They are all inspected, “he said.