For people with loss of autonomy: a project of annex to the Great Life

La Grande Vie Cooperative launched its fundraising campaign for a second shelter for seniors named La Grande Vie II.

The goal is to raise no less than $ 300,000 by generating Sherbrooke’s generosity. This sum will contribute to the construction of the new building, which will be annexed to the existing cooperative. This future wing of the shelter will provide more comprehensive care for the elderly with loss of autonomy. In addition, new employees will be hired to ensure their well-being and provide appropriate care according to their needs. “Our co-op started in 2011 with people aged 75 and over. Obviously, everyone gets older, which reduces mobility and autonomy. So we asked ourselves how to keep our residents here and that is what led to phase two of the co-op. We will therefore enlarge the existing building,

An expected project

Wishing to continue their life in the Coopérative La Grande Vie, the current residents welcome this new residential complex. “Over the years, people have lost a lot of autonomy, so many of them have to be assessed for more care and services. This is why it is important for us to see the second part realized in order to meet the needs of our clientele, “notes Rose Rodrigue, Phase II committee member and resident of the cooperative.

Thanks to this new construction, seniors will be able to extend their stay in this residence, which will benefit them in the long term. “The La Grande Vie cooperative is currently made for the autonomous people, so when one of us is no longer so, it must start from its environment. With this new appendix, they will be able to stay here, have the visit of their knowledge in addition to keep the same direction. With that, it would no longer be mandatory to move out. It’s very important emotionally, because when we get older, we have less strength to take major changes, “says Julien Richard, chair of the co-op’s board of directors.

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Initiatives have been initiated to seek funding from the federal and provincial governments as well as from elected municipal officials in Sherbrooke. The total cost of this new portion of the shelter, which is expected to have three floors and 36 to 39 new rooms, is estimated at just over $ 4 million. If the amount is raised, the project should start in 2018.