For the development of innovative release-active drugs “Materia Medica” received “Platinum ounce”

Company OOO “NPF “Materia Medica holding”, created the release-active drugs, representing a new class of drugs received for the design prize of the Russian pharmaceutical industry “platinum ounce”, IA REGNUM reports.

As told the correspondent member of RAS Oleg Epstein, is a Director of “Materia Medica holding”, the fact of the awarding of the prestigious prize is recognition of the important achievements at the interface between physics, chemistry, biology, and physiology, which are made open. “We have developed a technological platform for creation of preparations of this type and is currently introduced into clinical practice more than 20 drugs of different therapeutic areas,” said Epstein.

“Platinum ounce” – the most authoritative award of the professional community of pharmacists of Russia. The yearly prize is awarded for the most successful projects of pharmaceutical manufacturers, pharmacy chains, pharmaceutical distributors and other companies operating in this market. More than 300 experts give an independent assessment of the nominees, and for the transparency of the competition meets international auditing company Ernst&Young.