For the first four days of August on the Ukrainian waters killed more than 20 people – Goschs

За первые четыре дня августа на украинских водоемах погибли более 20 человек, - ГосЧС

Since the beginning of August on the waters of Ukraine has already killed more than 20 people, including children. This reports the press service of Goschs.

The growth of the number of dead in the water lifeguards communicate with the established in the country the hot weather where hanging out by the river fetches a large number of people. In addition, in many cases, the cause of death of tourists was the failure to follow safety rules.

Since the beginning of the year in Ukrainian waters killed 774 people, including 79 children. Saved over the same period 577 individuals, of which 105 were children.

Due to the increased number of deaths on the water representatives of the Antimonopoly recall the rules of conduct while relaxing near the water: to bathe only on specially equipped beaches, do not dive in unfamiliar places, do not swim far and not to swim alone, not to enter into water in an alcohol intoxication, not to swim more than 20 minutes and not to swim up to the boats, motor boats and ships. In addition, rescuers are reminded that children should not be left unattended near the water and allow them to visit the ponds.

Earlier it was reported that for July in the ponds were killed 189 people.

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