For the first time in 35 years in Saudi Arabia will show a Hollywood movie

Впервые за 35 лет в Саудовской Аравии покажут голливудский фильм

In Saudi Arabia, on 18 April, for the first time in the last 35 years, will be released Hollywood film — in the cinema, which is owned by the American company AMC Entertainment, will start showing the sci-Fi Thriller “the Black Panther”. This was written by the Wall Street Journal.

This theater in the Saudi capital Riyadh was the first to open in the country five months after the lifting of ban on the screening of the movies. The largest American network of cinemas able to stay ahead of the competition thanks to communications of the head of AMC Entertainment Holdings Adam Aron with the leaders of Saudi sovereign Fund. While in the cinema will act in the same hall with 400 seats. In the near future will open another three halls. In the next five years, the American company plans to open 40 theaters in 15 largest cities of Saudi Arabia.

The British company Vue International plans over the next three years to build in Saudi Arabia about 30 multiplex cinemas. About plans to enter the Saudi market, said the company iPic Entertainment and VOX Cinemas. For AMC and other world cinema networks Saudi market — a rare opportunity for business growth and profit. In the United States and other Western countries in the cinemas come fewer viewers.

Most likely, the Saudi government will censor films, showing which are allowed in the country, suggests the WSJ. In other Arab countries, religious censorship cuts of the film scenes of intimacy between men and women, and sometimes blurs the images of non-Muslim characters, in the example, the Jewish six-pointed star of David.