For the past day in Ukraine were drowned 21 people, including five children – Goschs

За прошедшие сутки в Украине утонул 21 человек, в том числе пять детей, - ГосЧС

Over the past day, August 6, on the waters of Ukraine killed 21 people, including five children. This reports the press service of Goschs.

According to the report, in the Rivne region, namely in the village of Brody, while bathing in the Goryn river drowned two sisters 12 and 13 years. This became known yesterday around seven in the evening. The body of one of them brought to the surface by locals, and a few hours later the divers found the second girl.

“On the same day, water Horyn took another child’s life. In the nearby village of Antonovka drowned the boy 2003 year of birth” – added to the squad.

Along with this, in the Khmelnitsky region on a pond between the villages of Ulashanivka and Volytsia Slavuta district divers found and recovered from the water the dead body of a boy born in 2005, who was drowned while bathing without adult supervision.

Three cases of drowning recorded in the Kirovograd region. Another two — in Kyiv, Vinnytsia and Poltava regions.

“Since the beginning of year on reservoirs of the country has sunk 808 people, including 84 children. When rescued 581 people, including 106 children,” the report says.

Rescuers say that the most common cause of accidents on the water is a violation of the rules of safe behavior of citizens. In particular, it is bathing in not equipped places and bathing in a drunken state. With regard to accidents involving children, accidents happen usually due to the fact that adults leave children unattended near places with a high level of risk, or allow older children to independently visit the ponds.

The Ministry urges citizens not to forget about elementary safety rules on water, Recalling:

– bathe only on specially equipped beaches;

– never dive in unfamiliar places;

– do not leave children unattended near water and do not allow them to independently visit local ponds and rivers;

– do not swim far away;

– never swim alone, especially if you are not confident in their abilities;

– do not enter the water in a condition of alcoholic intoxication;

– do not approach vessels, boats and boats that pass close to you;

– water temperature should not be below +17 °C;

– swim in the water no more than 20 minutes, with this time should increase gradually, starting with three to five minutes;

– watch for storm warnings and not go out in a boat when strong gusts of wind.

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