For the treatment of Ukrainians abroad need another 300 million UAH, – Valery Dubil

For the treatment of citizens of Ukraine abroad in the budget for the current year it is necessary to provide additional 302 million UAH. Parliament should consider this issue in the near future because funding is treatment ended this year in may. This was at the briefing in the Parliament, said MP of Ukraine, member of the faction “Batkivshchyna” Valery Dubil who initiated the bill No. 8035, report “Ukrainian news”.

“Today, more than two weeks in tents living relatives that are awaiting funds and awaiting response from the Ministry of health to treat their loved ones abroad,” said Dubil.

According to him, the treatment 208 Ukrainians abroad in 2017 has been allocated 628 million, and in 2018, allocated a total of 389 million UAH for 226 patients.

“Last year 20 million remained unused, although patients still needed treatment. And this year funds ended in may. 141 the patient only received money for treatment abroad, 61 is now in the queue, and another 107 people waiting to be put in place,” – said the Deputy.

He noted that in 2016, 12 people died waiting for necessary treatment, in 2017 died on 19 patients, and from the beginning of this year has already lost the lives of 7 people, three of them children.

“I am confident that the Ministry of health strongly addictive this process and instead consider the question of making (patient – ed.) in place within 20 days, considering from 3 to 6 months, and it is a crime”, – said Dubil.

According to him, the bill has already passed 8035 consideration and was endorsed by three of the four parliamentary committees, scheduled it for consideration in the budget Committee of Parliament. After that, Valery, Dubil and the faction “Fatherland” will seek a vote for the document in the session hall.

According to the head of the public organization “National movement “For transplantation,” Yury Andreev, the Ministry of health has not learned from old mistakes and people are again on the knees should request a guaranteed treatment. He urged Parliament to pass a bill.

“We appeal to deputies of all factions: the health and lives of seriously ill Ukrainians should be apolitical, above politics. We ask you to support the bill, which was introduced at the beginning of the year,” he said.

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