Ford and Alibaba plans to start selling cars in China

The American company Ford and the Chinese giant e-Commerce Alibaba plans to conclude a new cooperation agreement. Imprint that we are talking about sales of cars of the American brand in vending vending machines machines in the territory of China.


According to the news Agency TASS, the American auto giant Ford is planning to sign a new cooperation agreement with the Chinese company Alibaba in the field of car sales in China. It is noted that the two companies will begin testing the new car sales in both online and offline modes.

Sources report that the implementation of U.S. innovations from Ford in the territory of China will be based on online platform Tmall, which is part of the Alibaba holding. In addition, representatives from both brands will test selling vehicles via special vending machines.

It is noted that in the nearest time, representatives of Ford and Alibaba will meet in Hangzhou to discuss the details of the agreement. In addition, purchased on Alibaba, the car will receive an official warranty and can be serviced at Ford dealerships.