Ford intends to raise up Mustang of the famous chase in “Bullitt”

The company intends to restore the Ford Mustang from the famous chase in “Bullitt” 1968. This is evidenced by the photograph posted online.


In these photographs a Ford Mustang resembles the same car driven by Steve McQueen in the movie Bullitt. Talking about Mustang GT390 fastback that rolled off the Assembly line in the same year, which released the film, which became a classic of American cinema.


Under the hood of a Mustang GT390 mounted engine V8 340 horses. A couple were manual transmission four stages. The model for the film was upgraded racer max Balchowsky. Among the features of the fastback was the unusual color of the body is Dark Highland Green.

The model in the pictures is not fully repeats the design of iconic cars, but the body color is the same, whereas the palette of the current generation Mustang simply does not include this shade. In addition, the car lost the rear spoiler has the wheels in a retro style, which also is not in any optional package Ford.