Former assistant Manafort stated that he worked with Poroshenko

Бывший помощник Манафорта заявил, что тот работал с Порошенко

A former partner of the former head of the election headquarters of the President of the United States Donald trump Paul Manafort Rick gates said in court that Manafort helped the current President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko. It is reported by The New York Times.

So, he said that Manafort continued to work in Ukraine after Viktor Yanukovych fled the country in February 2014.

In particular, a contract was signed for a consultation with the “Opposition bloc”, which, according to gates, was created and financed by the same oligarchs who supported Yanukovych.

When Opposition bloc won parliamentary elections in 2014, the work of Manafort ended.

In addition, gates said that Manafort helped the current President Petro Poroshenko is on an unpaid basis. Along with this, the representative of the presidential Administration Dmitry shymkiv told the NYT that he was unaware of such cooperation.

“It would be noticeable if there was any connection between Manafort Poroshenko, because the administration Poroshenko was criticized by supporters of the trump for what he is targeting Manafort during the presidential campaign to help Hillary Clinton”, – emphasizes the publication.

Recall that Rick gates told the court that he had made with Manafort banking and tax fraud. He said that Ukraine paid Manafort millions of dollars for political work, by transferring money from their companies in Cyprus for an unregistered foreign Bank account of Manafort in Cyprus.

Earlier in the trial also revealed that during his work in Ukraine from 2010 to 2014, by Paul Manafort officially earned 14 million dollars. However, according to documents provided by the team of spectracolor, political consultant “the Party of regions” has received 60 million.

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