Former heads of U.S. intelligence supported the former Director of the CIA in the conflict with trump

Бывшие руководители спецслужб США поддержали экс-директора ЦРУ в конфликте с Трампом

15 top ex-leaders of the U.S. intelligence supported by former CIA Director, John Brennan, who is Donald trump are deprived of access to state secret data. Reported by ABC.

“We as former intelligence officers of high rank were forced to respond to the background of the unprecedented and ill-considered remarks and actions of the White house regarding the deprivation of John Brennan access to classified information,” – said in a statement.

Such actions trump, in their opinion, “irrelevant to the question of access to classified information, but they have the most direct relevance to the attempt to suppress freedom of speech.”

Signatures under the document was signed, among others, former Director of National intelligence James Clapper and seven former heads of the CIA: Robert gates, William Webster, George tenet, porter Goss, Michael Hayden, Leon Panetta and David Petraeus.

Recall that in late July there appeared information about the fact that trump wants to deny access to secret data of the heads of intelligence agencies, criticizing him for his ties with Russia and its policies in General.

On August 15, the White house said that the President of the United States revoked the former Director of the CIA John Brennan permission to access classified information. Trump explained his decision by the fact that Brennan abused and his critical comments of the administration become “increasingly frantic”.

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