Former Microsoft employee watching the cows with the help of artificial intelligence

The creators of AI are working hard to ensure that even farmers were able to reap the benefits of “smart” machines. In the Dutch firm Connecterra, where he manages a former employee of Microsoft, Yasser, Hoho, was coined “Intelligent assistant dairy farmer”, according to VladTime.

Now innovations will reach the villages. The developers of the AI actively prepare “smart” machine that will help farmers. Dutch experts checked his device in European laboratories and have already begun to sell it in the US. The device clings to the neck of the cow, and via the computer host can monitor where the animal is and how it feels. This should help to increase the productivity of farming.

The Network has feedback from satisfied clients. So, a farmer from Georgia said that the device from Connecterra helped him to graze the cows, given that they have as much as 2 thousand. The cost of The device is not specified.