Former producer Ani Lorak about the trip to the world Cup: I am against the politicization of sport!

Экс-продюсер Ани Лорак о поездке на Чемпионат мира по футболу:  Я против политизации спорта!

Former producer Ani Lorak about the trip to the world Cup: “I am against the politicization of sport!”
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Despite the criticism, Thales still be going to the world Cup in Russia. Photo: Oscar Jansons

In social networks there was a scandal because of the fact that Yuri Thales will be going to the world Cup in Russia

A few days ago, the Ukrainian producer Yuri Thales has published on his Facebook page post with a photo of the purchased tickets for the world Cup, 14 June, has already launched in Russia. After much criticism in his direction of the Thales I had to remove this post.

But soon the producer wrote that the sport should not be linked with politics.

– As an athlete, I am against the politicization of sport, humiliating requirements to withdraw from the Olympics, world Championships and other competitions. People are prepared to spend their health, go to their cherished dream-to win medals for the country!! And some bureaucrats break their destiny and the dream of a lifetime. I’m a football fan and never missed a match of the European and World Championships. And why am I someone who shouldn’t be allowed to attend these historic games or to watch football no matter where and with whom, wrote Thales on your Facebook page.

Thales has justified his trip that he was born in the Urals, but still is a citizen of Ukraine.

– My position remained unchanged. I was born in the Soviet Union, the Urals, I’m Russian and proud of it! I am a citizen of Ukraine, with dignity and respect for the country and the people living on this beautiful earth our beautiful planet. But I hate those who leave on yelling about patriotism. I hate those g*Vnukov politicians and deputies with 3-4 passports, robbed the country, telling lies at every turn and dictate to us the conditions of survival

Under the post Falesy you can see a lot of comments, including from Ukrainian artists. The singer Anzhelika Rudnytska also decided to contact the producer.

– I wonder what would have been your post, Yura, if the war that killed your son? Don’t answer that. Neither you nor your son is not going to protect me and our country. You continue to write nonsense. Although not surprised, wrote Rudnitskaya

Yet Thales is not responding to comments under the post.