Found the frame where Marilyn Monroe was first exposed in movie

Найден кадр, на котором Мэрилин Монро впервые обнажилась в кино

Published still from the movie Frank Taylor’s “the Misfits” (1961), which appears fully Nude Marilyn Monroe. It was her first so explicit scene in the movie, reports the Daily Mail.

In this episode of film also appears in the character Clark gable (“gone with the wind”) who kisses the heroine of Monroe and leaves the room. After that, she throws the blanket cover, and begins to get dressed.

Fragment lasts 45 seconds. He was cut from the final version of the installation as, in the opinion of the Director, “nothing brings in the storyline”. Full version episode has not yet been published.

57 years after the release of pictures these pictures found writer Charles Casillo, who is working on a biographical book “Marilyn Monroe: Private life of a public icon.”

Найден кадр, на котором Мэрилин Монро впервые обнажилась в кино

Previously, the only scene of the movie in which he appeared fully Nude Monroe was considered an episode of the melodrama “something must happen”. It was filmed in 1962. However, the film was not completed due to the death of the actress. She died at age 36 from an overdose of sleeping pills.

“The misfits” was the last completed film in the works as Monroe and Clark gable. The actor died 10 days after filming this picture due to a heart attack. He was 59 years old.

We will remind, last year was auctioned Nude photo of Marilyn Monroe. Their total value reached 35 thousand dollars. And this year will go under the hammer dresses of the actress, in which she starred in the movie.

As previously reported, Hollywood is planning to make a biopic about Monroe. In this film the actress will play her digital double.

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