Four condos paid in cash in a single year

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The Residents at the head of the network that laundered millions of dollars of organized crime quebec has not been wrong to offer four condos in one year, he paid in cash.

However, Mohamad Jaber is now in prison since the transaction Collector conducted Monday by the RCMP and federal tax authorities could inherit many of the properties that he had acquired when he washed the cash from drug traffickers.

Jaber, 51, is accused of tax evasion, gangsterism, money laundering, conspiracy and proceeds of crime.

Photo courtesy, GRCMohamad Jaber

Him and Nader Gramian-Nik – the leader of ontario’s network, which is made to enter his “castle” of seven-million $ near Toronto – “failed to declare revenues of several million dollars between 2013 and 2017,” according to the director of criminal investigations for the Canada revenue Agency, Stéphane Bonin.

To ensure to recover what Jaber, the tax department has obtained the issuance of court orders blocking six condos belonging to Jaber.

More than $3 million

This includes the four that was purchased in cash in 2015 in Laval, Montreal and Mont-Tremblant, as well as a house and another condo acquired in 2017, according to documents of court and notarial acts that The Newspaper has consulted.

The present value of these six properties exceeds$3 Million.

In may 2015, Jaber had bought the condo for $ 1.1 million that he lived at the time of his arrest, on the avenue Jean-Béraud, Laval. Seven months later, he had put the hand on a condo neighbor to 740 000 $.

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This year, he had also bought a 411 900 $ in the neighborhood of Côte-Saint-Paul, Montreal, and another of $ 215,000 in Mont-Tremblant.

He lodged his lieutenant

He also owns a house on the rue Fafard Laval, who served as home to his presumed right arm and number 2 of the cell quebec of the dismantled network, Kamel Ghaddar, also accused in this case.

If Jaber is unable to pay his tax debt, the federal agency will then ask the courts to confiscate to her profit properties blocked.

It remains the owner of the six condos pending further judicial proceedings. But it is forbidden to sell and it must “maintain in good condition” to ” preserve the value “, according to the orders.

– With Philippe Langlois and Félix Séguin, Bureau of investigation

The addresses of his residences

  • 1050 Drummond, Montreal (paid 404 597 $ 2017)
  • 5077 Paré, Montréal (paid 471 181 $ in 2015)
  • 3635 Jean-Béraud, Laval (paid for 1 160 000 $ in 2015)
  • 3635 Jean-Béraud, Laval (paid 740 000 $ in 2015)
  • 2879 chemin du Village, Mont-Tremblant (paid 215 000 $ in 2015)
  • 4330 Fafard, Laval (paid us $ 180,000 in 2004)