Four dead in a fire in Nova Scotia

Photo: Andrew Vaughan, Associated Press

Pubnico — A locality in south-western Nova Scotia has been tried by a fire that left four dead, including at least two children, in the area of Yarmouth early Sunday morning, said a member of the family heartbroken.


The spokesperson of the royal Canadian mounted police (RCMP), Jennifer Clarke, announced that there had been many dead in the wake of the fire, which occurred at Pubnico Head, but she has not been able to confirm the exact number of victims, nor their ages. It added that two people had been able to escape the flames, one of them was transported to the hospital.


Elvin Olsen has confirmed that two of his great-grandchildren were among the victims. He refused to give further details, simply saying that the deaths were too recent.


Four children lived in the house now destroyed and their father is currently being treated at the hospital, where he is accompanied by his wife, said the spokesperson of the Red Cross, Melanie MacDonald.


Ms. MacDonald stated that the man and his wife lived in the residence with their blended family.


Jennifer Clarke has stated that the police had spoken to the families of the victims.


The spokesman said that the investigation would determine the cause of the fire, but has not indicated if it could be a fire to be suspicious.


An investigation “complex”


The RCMP has said, be at the start of an investigation ” complex “, which will be the contest of the unit, major crimes, the fire marshal of Nova Scotia and the medical examiner of the province.


Dozens of firefighters from several departments in the region have been deployed, and found the house completely engulfed in flames, said Troy Amirault, deputy director of the service against the fires of the West Pubnico.


Crews fought the flames for several hours, but the house was destroyed, and only one wall remains standing, he said.


Kathy Bourque, a municipal councillor at Pubnico Head, said that the locality on the south-west coast was shaken by the tragedy.


“Everyone knows everyone here in the community, then we are a family tightly knit. When tragic things like this strike, it affects everyone, ” said Mrs. Bourque in an interview.


Ms. Bourque said to have been made aware of the fire by her husband, a firefighter is being made on the premises.


The canadian Red Cross and the municipality have offered to assist the families with food, housing and other basic services, she said.