Four short stories of storm

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The schools were closed, the roads almost deserted and the town buried under a heavy white down. The storm that is sweeping over Quebec since Tuesday however was not as unlucky and many Montrealers have dared to put the tip of the nose to the outside to enjoy the winter.

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“Yes, Netflix”

A couple of teachers walked in snowshoes in the park Beaubien, yesterday, on her return to racing.

“We took the opportunity to sleep in and go to get stuff for breakfast at the grocery store,” said Ariane Giguere, by the end of the morning.

The high school teacher said that her students didn’t pray, the day before, when it was announced that there would be no school because of the storm.

“My students shouted : “Yes, Netflix” “, she lamented, assuming that most young people spent their day locked in the house, tablet in hand.

“You don’t see young people out. And there was nobody at the grocery store. The cashier told us that this was his day more quiet since his hiring in November, ” said Olivier Tanguay.

In the afternoon, the plan of the couple was to head to the Mont-Royal, in order to continue his hike, snowshoe, and try to show the example.

Only ones to brave the storm

Three young boys of a dozen years ago had the big ice rinks of the park Beaubien alone, yesterday, to play hockey.

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“The other children of our age need to be in the process of gamer,” they said with one voice, with aberration.

The three sports of 5th year of primary school saw the beautiful case, deploring, however, that the huts of the Town were not open, for a change of clothes and go to the toilet.

“It’s hot, it’s so good to be outside. There are usually more players, ” pointed out Xavier Boileau, aged 11.

Barely dressed for the winter, the snow did not seem to disturb in addition to measurement, well crushed in a little bute to catch their breath.

The mother of Hugo James, 10 years old, came bring them snacks and bottles of water to regain his strength.

A sport is out of the ordinary

A lady has taken advantage of the nice conditions yesterday with her dog to practice the ski-joering is a sport of gliding with the animal, in the streets of Montreal.

“I do a lot of sports with it, said Louise Blackburn, 58 years old. It is the only sport to his speed. “

The lady claims to be able to reach a speed of 40 km/h. the Rate that it should be better to Dalie, a griffon korthal three years old full of energy.

The ski-joering, or at least the form in which Ms. Blackburn is the practice with her dog, is to ski while letting it run the animal in front. The two are connected by a bunjee tied at the waist.

“Usually, I go to the park Maisonneuve, but today, the snow allows me to do it in the streets,” she said.

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Slips improvised

Twenty children have used creativity in creating slips at Morgan park, yesterday afternoon.

“We take a day off to be with the children. It is the perfect day, ” said CĂ©lia Foizon, a proud resident of Hochelaga-Maisonneuve.

The majority of the sliders were in the presence of a parent, that they desired to spend quality time with their little ones. These latter have put on the descents, without worrying about their school day fell in to the water.

“I had a French exam. It is going to be postponed “, wished to mention one of them, promising not to investigate further, but to enjoy it for ” fun “.