Four suspects in the case Gandzyuk pleaded guilty

Четверо подозреваемых по делу Гандзюк признали свою вину

Four suspects in the attempted murder of the counselor of the mayor of Kherson Catherine Gandzyuk pleaded guilty. This was stated press Secretary of police Jaroslav was Trakalo, reports “Ukrainian truth”.

He said that at this point in the case as a sacrament are five of the defendants.

“Their involvement in the attack on the citizen Gandzyuk, according to investigators, is confirmed as the collected evidence and provided testimony,” said was Trakalo.

Four suspects, he said, has already pleaded guilty and said that he received an offer to attack Gandzyuk for a reward. All four indicated that the proposal came from the fifth detainee, former commander others involved in during their military service.

The organizer, said Trakalo, to cooperate with the investigation refuses.

As previously released the suspect Novikov, then at the time of arrest the investigators had sufficient grounds to test for involvement.

“Regarding the judgment, the Prosecutor and change the status in the production of the citizen Novikov, then at that time the investigation has been sufficient grounds for his detention and check on participation in Commission of this crime. However, the work was paralleled in other areas, resulting in the arrest of five suspects and their recognition,” said was Trakalo.

We will remind, in control of the Executive Committee of the Kherson city Council Catherine Gandzyuk was attacked on July 31.

Around 8:30 the clerk came out of his house and went about their business, and out of the bushes went to meet the guy 20-25 years with the capacity in hand. When I approached the woman, he splashed the contents of the tank in her face and ran away.

The examination found that it was concentrated sulphuric acid.

Gandzyuk was immediately taken by ambulance to a hospital in the city, and subsequently directed the aircraft health medicine for treatment in Kiev. She has 35% burns of the body.

Earlier it was reported that the suspects in the case about the attack on Gandzyuk are five people. Three of them court arrested for 60 days. Later the police reported that the number of suspects in the case had increased to six.

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