France: Apple wants to ban to Attac from entering its stores

Photo: Christophe Archambault, Agence France-Presse
The anti-globalization Attac during their intrusion in an Apple store in paris, on 2 December last

Paris — The u.s. giant Apple, which is regularly criticized by various NGOS for its tax practices, has asked the French court to prevent one of them, Attac, to enter in its stores, has learned the AFP on Thursday.


This assignment interim, an emergency procedure, dates back to 21 December and is based, according to Apple, the “imminent risk to Apple, its employees and its customers” that would run the actions of Attac, according to the document addressed by the technology group at the Tribunal de grande instance of Paris and that the AFP was able to consult.


Attac had led to several actions on November 3, the date of the release of the latest smartphone brand, the iPhone X, in a store in Paris and one in Aix-en-Provence (in the south), in the framework of the campaign #ApplePayeTesImpôts. On 2 December, several activists of Attac had also invaded the shop of the Paris Opera.


“Attac threat of a repeat of the shares, which have already caused harm to Apple and that will lead to vandalizing the stores operated by Apple, as to endanger the safety of its employees and its customers and to cause commercial harm to Apple “, can we also read in this text.


A three year ban


In order to put an end to these actions, Apple has asked the court to prohibit the association from entering its stores French for three years and a fine of 150,000 euros (approximately 226 425 $) per violation of the ban and ordered to pay 3,000 euros (approximately 4527 $) to Apple.


In a press release, Attac recalled that he denounces ” tax evasion massive, practised by apple […] and asked Apple to pay its fair share of taxes “.


“Apple is accusing us of “vandalism” and “breach of security” to request a penalty payment in case of future action so that our actions are symbolic, non-violent, carried out face to face, and without any material deterioration, ” said Dominique Plihon, spokesperson of Attac France, quoted in the press release.


The direction of Apple France had met with the representatives of Attac on 18 December, asking them to stop these actions by citing reasons of security.


“We have agreed to meet with Attac to listen to their point of view and make them part of ours. Even if we do not share their opinion, we recognize the right to express it. However, the recent actions of Attac have put at risk the safety of our customers and our employees, and we have no other choice than to call the police and the courts “, repeated on Thursday a spokesperson from Apple to AFP.