France Gall receives a final tribute to her fans

Photo: Bertrand Guay Agence France-Presse
Fans of France Gall were alone, in family or small groups of friends, in the funeral home to Nanterre.

A coffin in the middle of pink and her songs, soft background sound : the fans of France Gall marched Wednesday in the recollection near Paris for a last tribute to the French singer, ” woman of the simple “.


They arrived alone, in family or small groups of friends, in the funeral home of Nanterre, in the western suburbs of Paris, sometimes with a flower in hand that they need to file the front of the building before entering into the great peace.


After a few seconds of waiting, fans are asked to gather in front of the coffin of varnished wood, located in the middle of white roses and pale pink in a small room.


On the back wall, behind the coffin, a bed of hydrangeas. Ella, she returns to the loop in the background.


Icon of the sixties and tube machine in the 1980s, winning Eurovision in 1965 with Poupée de cire, poupée de son, the actor died Sunday at age 70, leading to a rain of tributes in France and abroad.


On the registry of condolences, an admirer intimate knowledge of the artist : “Rest in peace in your paradise white alongside Michel [Berger] and Pauline “, the husband of France Gall and their daughter, who died respectively in 1992 and 1997.


“It has rocked my youth. I liked it at the time yé-yé, with its small voice of kid, ” says Mario Latovi, 64 years of age.


“She was born in 1947, like me. I’ve always followed, always loved “, said Daniel, an admirer with white hair, which has particularly enjoyed the atmosphere around the coffin of his idol : “It was quite simple, as it was “.


For Nora, 40 years old, who had never seen it ” in real “, it was ” now or never “. “The 1970s and 1980s, it was beautiful as time. It won’t come back. Now, there are only the memories that remain “.


Fans and relatives of France Gall will be able to gather before the coffin until Thursday 18 h. His accorded a civil funeral will take place Friday in the strictest privacy, at the request of the family.


It will then be in the family vault in the cemetery of Montmartre, in Paris, with her husband and their daughter.