Free youth theater in the parks

The youth of the day camps will attend a specially designed room for free in the parks of Sherbrooke this summer. Created by Productions Traces et Souvenances, Reinventing the Beast is part of the Government of Quebec’s Action Plan on the Book. In addition to making contact with culture, the play aims to enhance reading.

“It is three people, Poline, Louca and Gretel, full of creativity and imagination, who present themselves to young people with a magic book that will give them the taste to read, to invent stories. We will then bring all these children to read in a bank of 300 books chosen to give them a taste for reading, “explains Lysanne Gallant, who directs the show.

About fifteen performances are planned in the parks, the first one on Tuesday in the courtyard of Bishop’s University. In the fall, it will be featured in five public libraries. More than 3200 young people aged between 5 and 11 will be affected by this initiative, which is not strictly reserved for day camps.

Yes, the challenge will be to keep children’s attention. “That’s why we structured the show so tightly. It lasts 45 minutes. The child does not have time to be deconcentrated, “says Gallant.

The creation requires investments of $ 64,000 (before taxes), a sum assumed equally by the City of Sherbrooke and the Ministry of Culture and Communications.

“We want to bring culture closer to young people by going to them. Cultural consumption patterns take between 4 and 11 years. This habit must be created at an early age. Not all families have the means to make cultural outings. It’s a good way to democratize culture, “said Luc Fortin, Minister of Culture and Communications.

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“We need to value these behaviors to stimulate reading among our young people. We will make young people more informed, more educated and more involved in the community, “he added.

Mayor Bernard Sévigny also welcomed this new theatrical offer. “If you can not get all the young people into the cultural world, why not bring culture to them in the parks? The first time I saw a play, it was in a park in Montreal with the trailer of Paul Buissonneau. When I heard that the trailer had been stolen, I wondered how we could get closer to the young people. We even made an election commitment in 2013. ”

M. Sévigny once more hinted that according to a study by the Conseil des arts et des lettres du Québec, “it is in the Eastern Townships that young people are least exposed to culture. I repeat it because it is our guide. ”

It is too early to know whether the project will return in the years to come. “When we set up a project in Traces et Souvenances, we like it to last. For us, it’s a first. All we need is the verdict of the children. If the children adopt the project, we are ready to go to the schools later or to reproduce the show where we would like to invite us, “says Lysanne Gallant.

“The objective is to make it an annual tour in the parks, but the decision is not made at this time,” adds Sévigny Bernard.

Was this an opportunity for Minister Fortin and Mayor Sevigny to come together? “We always got along very well. “There may be some clashes, but I and the mayor have been seen many times since the episode of the broadcasting room and we continue to work together to move the files forward for the benefit of Sherbrooke,” says Mr. Fortin .

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Reinventing the beast was written by André Gélineau. She is performed by Alex-Ann Boucher, Alexandre Leclerc and Marianne Roy.

For the schedules of the performances, one consults the