Freezing rain causes about thirty accidents

Freezing rain caused at least 37 accidents in Quebec City on Tuesday evening alone. Of the number, four wounded, but “fortunately, nothing major,” says Cyndi Paré, spokesman of the Quebec police.

The Quebec City Police Service issued a “caution call on the roads” calling on road users to be “particularly vigilant […] given the harsh weather conditions”.
It was after 27 accidents were recorded in the territory of Quebec City between 4:30 pm and 7:30 pm.
Because of the very slippery pavement, the Quebec City police also suggested avoiding unnecessary travel by Wednesday. “We ask people to stay home,” said M me Paré.
Reversed Car
For the second time in less than two months a car was thrown back on its side after its driver struck the electric pole at the center of the roadway at the intersection of Charest Boulevard and de la Couronne. The event occurred around 7 pm Tuesday night.
“I have not seen the median,” he simply explained to the Sun , moments after he had pulled himself out of the car by the driver’s window.
More fear than evil, finally, for this man of about fifty years who was traveling on Charest Boulevard eastbound at the time of the impact, and who escaped without a scratch.
No other vehicles were involved in the accident.
This episode recalls the one that occurred on January 23, after which two septuagenarians were wounded. After crashing into the median, their vehicle had tilted to the side and had slipped about thirty meters. The rescue forceps had been necessary to release the two occupants, who had subsequently been transported to the hospital.

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