French driver arrested after attempting to rush to crowd in Belgium

The driver of the car arrested Thursday after attempting to rush to the crowd in Antwerp in Belgium is French and several weapons including a rifle were discovered in his vehicle, the Belgian federal prosecutor announced.
“This is Mohamed R., born on May 8, 1977, of French nationality and domiciled in France,” said the prosecutor. “Various weapons were found in the trunk, weapons, a riot gun and a can containing a product still undetermined,” he added.
“The demining service of the Defense is on the spot to examine the vehicle,” said the prosecutor.
“In view of the initial information gathered and given what happened yesterday in London, it was decided to entrust the file to the federal prosecutor’s office,” in charge of terrorist affairs in Belgium.
Returning to the chronology of the arrest, the public prosecutor explained: “This morning around 10:45 a car registered in France was spotted in the center of Antwerp, driving” at a very high speed “. “At different times, pedestrians have been put at risk,” he said.
“When soldiers attempted to intercept the vehicle, it flew” and “a short time later the Antwerp police rapid response team was able to intercept the vehicle.”

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