From Ilyin of day the water is cold: the most interesting about today’s holiday

С Ильина дня вода холодна: Все самое интересное о сегодняшнем празднике

It is called “the terrible saints.” According to legends, the prophet Elijah goes to heaven in a chariot of fire and so strong that his strength has to contain.

Elijah’s day is a Church and national holiday. It involves a large number of traditions and will, and by Elijah – at least as many interesting stories.

All this and talk in more detail.

Who is the prophet Elijah?

Ilya was born in the Judean town of Five. Sometimes, according to place of birth, he is called Elijah the Tishbite.

The activities of Elijah refers to the reign of Ahab, whose wife Jezebel, given the weak nature of man, decided to install in the realm of the idolatrous cult of Baal and Astarte.

Elijah lived a righteous, diligently fasted and prayed, struggling against the pagans. On the occurrence in the court of the priests of Baal he tried to reason with Ahab, performing many miracles.

Subsequently, the prophet announced to the king that “in his wickedness” for a few years and suffer hunger, but Ahab never repented.

And yet in the end victory was won by Elijah. It happened during the sacrifice on mount Carmel, arranged with the purpose of the test.

Then Elijah challenged Ahab. On the mountain, he confronted the 850 priests of Baal, but won.

He made an altar unto God, after he poured water on the wood and began to pray. By his prayer he called down fire from heavenstruck the sacrifice, the wood, and the stones with water.

After the rain started, which saturated the ground with moisture. The incident finally convinced those present in the “true God”.

The old Testament says that a special righteousness before God Elijah was taken up to heaven alive.

Many say that the popular image of Elijah the prophet is very similar to Perun (interestingly, Perunov day coincides with Ilyin day in pagan times it was also celebrated on 2 August).

Ilya, like Perun, is the Lord of rain and lightning. His love of traveling across the sky in a chariot of fire, also reminiscent of “favorite pastime” of Perun.

What it also remarkable (of different beliefs):

The sun is a wheel from the chariot of Elijah, the milky way is the road which goes to the prophet.

Winter Ilya rides on the sled, therefore, of storms and thunder does not happen.

– The power of Elijah is so large that it has to contain.

– Sister Mary Elijah hides from him the day of his festival, or he with joy will beat zips all the light.

– Before the world ends Ilya down on the ground and three times will travel light, warning of the last judgment.

Tradition in Elijah’s day

С Ильина дня вода холодна: Все самое интересное о сегодняшнем празднике

In the Orthodox Church St. Elijah’s day is celebrated on 2 August (old style – July 20). In the temples, praying and making worship in the name of the prophet in the churches built in honor of Elijah, arrange the divine Liturgy.

Folk traditions are as follows:

Usually on this day the neighboring villages organize communal meals (obligatory dishes of meat and fresh bread).

In the holiday it is customary to distribute food to the poor and homeless. Is considered mandatory on this day, wash with spring water. This should protect people from disease and spoilage.

What is forbidden (not accepted)

Perhaps the most famous ban is swimming in the water. It is believed that from this day to swim anymore.

There are several reasons: ancestors believed that with the onset of autumn the water becomes very cold. Plus, according to popular belief, the feast of the prophet in rivers and lakes can meet all evil.

You can’t go to work in the field. It was considered that working in the field that day could have been punished, for example, hit by lightning or burned hay.

Also decided not to release Pets into the street in them on this day to possess evil powers.

It is known that to Ilyin to day usually started to prepare in advance – for example, straw from the harvest of the first sheaf to cover her roof.

Was considered that thus it is possible to maintain health and defend against disease.

Sayings and signs in Elijah’s day

Rain in Elijah’s day foretells a rich harvest, and the drought – fires.

If the thunder long and not sharply to the bad weather, if abruptly, and short – will be clear.

From that day, summer was on the wane, it was possible to expect sudden cold weather.

Ilya summer comes, the corn sainet.

On Elijah before lunch summer, afternoon — autumn.

To Elijah, the man bathed, and from Elijah with water goodbye.

To Ilya pop rain will not beg, after Ilyin of day the woman apron will catch up.

If the ascension was the rain, then Elijah will be with the storm.

The prophet Elijah a lamb head on the table.

Peter and Paul hour diminished, and the prophet Elijah dragged two.

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