From kindergarten teacher kindergarten in Chernihiv was diagnosed with tuberculosis

У воспитательницы детсада в Чернигове обнаружили туберкулез

In Chernihiv the kindergarten № 66 the kindergarten teacher was diagnosed with tuberculosis. This is stated in the story of the local channel “Dytynets”.

It is noted that the kindergarten teacher was diagnosed with tuberculosis during a medical examination. On the appropriate diagnosis in the school learned on Friday.

Room, where he worked as a music teacher, was treated with disinfectants. However, the institution is not closed on quarantine, it works normally.

Pupils of the kindergarten plan to re-test in connection with contact with TB patients, in particular to conduct x-ray examination.

She is now a teacher in the regional TB dispensary.

Earlier, the health Ministry reported that Ukraine is currently ranked second on the continent on the incidence of tuberculosis is based on number of patients per 100 thousand people.

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