From the annexed Crimea out of the last Western hotel chain, Reuters

Из аннексированного Крыма ушла последняя западная гостиничная сеть, - Reuters

American company Best Western Hotels & Resorts, the last Western hotel chain, which was still in the annexed Crimea, came to the Peninsula because of the sanctions. About it reports Reuters.

The hotel Best Western Sevastopol became one of the few international companies that remained in the Crimea after 2014. McDonald’s Corp. and Radisson Hotels had already left the Peninsula.

Thus, it is noted that the hotel is still working but no longer identificeret itself as a Best Western. He now works under the name of “Sevastopol hotel and Spa”.

The publication notes that the departure of Best Western Crimea shows that European and American sanctions still expel Western investors from the Peninsula.

In particular, the sanctions prohibit American companies in Crimea and to make new investments.

CEO of Best Western Hotels & Resorts, whose office is located in Phoenix (AZ), declined to comment on the situation. The company does not manage the hotels independently, and franchising is the system by which the owners or operators of hotels paying for the use of the brand, marketing and customer support.

According to the staff of the hotel franchise agreement hotel Sevastopol with the American company ended in October 2017 due to sanctions.

The operator of the hotel in Sevastopol is a company of Sevastopol Investment Group Ltd, registered in Seychelles.

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