From yesterday to today by the murals

In the adventure of the theatrical tour Through the path of the frescoes , we find ourselves carried away in the history of Sherbrooke told by actors of today and yesterday. Each stop becomes an opportunity to discover a part of the history of the city.

Through the frescoes path , tourists and Sherbrooks also discover the history of the city through its 15 murals (soon 16). Lysanne Gallant, artistic director and director of the tour Through the Path of the Frescoes , makes it a duty to offer a unique experience to all visitors.

“It is a rolling fire filled with surprises where we have 15 characters from all ages who will walk on different sites, heritage attractions, tourist attractions and who will make scenes in front of some of these attractions. They are going to tell us about our history, the history of the Sherbrooke, “she explains, enthusiastic.

The theatrical tour brings together a range of experienced actors who truly bring life to the various attractions. Nothing was left to chance, the costumes and texts were more than refined in order to realize an immersive circuit.

If some actors are recognized by their vintage dress, other surprise guests seem to be directly out of the audience in order to interact with the participants. Surprises can come from everywhere.

In particular, one can see a gardener emerge from the Lake of the Nations with a bucket of aquatic plants that he plans to bring back to Charles Benjamin Howard to arrange the banks of his pond.

The trail begins on foot at the King Street West Tourist Information Office, as far as Glacier Street, where participants board the bus, which will guide them, among others, to the Howard Estate, the downtown area and the Granada Theater .

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In the short walk from the beginning, visitors will learn more about Major Henry Beckett, who initiated the city’s first brick factory, and Alexander Lomas, the pioneer of the first mechanized wool plant.

The life of Clemence Desrochers and her father Alfred on the Pacific Street, next to the Dominion Textile, will also be discussed. A little singing will even surprise some!

“The Sherbrookes will recognize each other, because it’s really their story that is told by the characters and people from outside will learn a lot. They will be in direct contact with all the characters, “argues Lysanne Gallant.

The theatrical tour Through the fresco path will take place on Saturdays and Sundays from July 8 to September 2 at 1:30 pm.