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Despite ten years of work, of multiple reports, the redesign of the computer system with the issuance of the liquor license is still experiencing misfires, it will cost three times more expensive than originally planned before it is functional.

The overhaul of the system Acolyte was expected to cost$ 3.5 Million and enter service in 2013.

However, in 2018, discreetly, the ministry of public Security (MSP) has added a sum of$ 5 Million to the overall budget of the project.

The goal is to complement the system, entangled in the delays and drifts in the department.

The ministry has also handed over the counter to zero, erasing the traces of the successive delays, according to the information presented in the dashboard of the government of Quebec, 70 % of the project had been completed.

The purpose of the new system as an Acolyte, however, was to ” ensure the survival and the continuity of operations and facilitate the issuance of the liquor license, because the technology used was dated 1984 and was outdated.

The Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ), which is responsible for the project, defends and maintains that it is “adjustments to the initial system” in the course of construction (see other text).


Already in 2015, a report of the hearing of deputy ministers and heads of public bodies on the management, administrative, obtained by our Office of investigation, it revealed the serious shortcomings of the project.

At this time, the deployment of the Acolyte had reached 12 % of late.

In this document, the members of the committee were concerned about the lack of timeframe to complete the four phases of Acolyte.

The RACJ had explained that the scope of the work was ” to require months of adjustment “, stressing that it was important to “succeed first, the implementation of the first phase” before moving on to the other.

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She argued that the difficulties of the start of the project Sidekick were ” out of control “.

Successive deferrals

In opposition, the current minister for the digital Transformation of government, Éric Caire, was also questioned and criticized the liberal government for the delay of Sidekick. He demanded explanations for this drift.

The leader of the government of the time, Jean-Marc Fournier, had then responded by denouncing the service provider TechSolCom, and this, because he had announced that ” several successive deferrals “.

TechSolCom-was acquired by R3D, had been mentioned by Mr. Fournier, ensuring that the company had promised to get the project back on the rails. The leader of the government had also indicated that the mps had ” put in place several measures to recovery “.

However, four years later, the costs have skyrocketed and the system is still far from being completed. Only the application of the “permit meeting” line was delivered in June 2017.


“It was hell “, said the owner of Bistro St-Malo

The new owner of Bistro St-Malo on rue Saint-Paul, Quebec, has been raging for three months and spent thousands of dollars because of the failings of the system of liquor licensing.

Philippe Racine has acquired the business of Bistro St-Malo at the beginning of the month of December.

The previous owner had a liquor licence for 30 years. However, the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) required that Mr. Root to make a new application.

“It was hell until the last day. I almost lose it because the RACJ had problems with applications, has been reported to the conservator. It has been three months of setbacks in achieving it. “

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Everything was complicated, ” he said, starting with the Web platform of the organization.

“Nothing can fill it out on the internet. It is necessary that everything is done by hand, says Mr. Root. Arriving on the Web page, I was convinced that it was going to be done easily. […] In the end, I hit a wall. There is nothing obvious. “

Documents misplaced

The worst, according to him, is that he was not really a new request, but rather a recovery permit.

Philippe Racine was able to use the license that was in effect for a few weeks, but he had to retrieve the documents related to the permits already in force. Information that the RACJ has usually.

However, the organisation has ever found the folder. “They found nothing in their computer system. Thus, they stated that the liquor license of the place was no longer valid. They had lost everything. “

In order to obtain a license, you must fill out a “table of occupation” and deliver the plans of the architect of the restaurant.

Even if the RACJ has already owned this paperwork, the new owner had to shell out $ 4000 to redo everything.

“That it moves “

The former liberal mna André Drolet, who has worked throughout his political career to improving the lives of the restaurateurs, admitted that it was necessary that things “move” in the folder of the liquor license.

André Drolet, a Former liberal mp

“This is not easy for these people daily. And there are complexities like this that are aberrant […]. I am disappointed that this tool-there is not yet a facilitator for our restaurateurs, and our people from the hospitality industry who have to apply for an alcohol permit ? Actually, I answer you that, yes, ” said Mr. Drolet.

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New million to the same firm

Even if the software company responsible for the project has accumulated delays, the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux (RACJ) has decided to restore$ 3.2 Million of otc in order to ensure that the platform meets the new requirements.

To defend themselves, the RACJ mentions that “the legislative and regulatory amendments, such as the implementation of the alcohol permit unique by category, by location, and the single license operating site video lottery” resulted in a change of cost of the computer system.

It is for this reason that the RACJ has decided to continue with the firm R3D.

Adjustment of time limits

However, these legislative changes have been announced in 2015.

“It must be remembered that the initial project has taken birth six years earlier […] A refresh was necessary in order that it matches to the new realities.

As a result of these adjustments, the delivery time of the project has been reviewed.

The present work comply with the new timeframe “, said Joyce Tremblay, a spokesperson for the RACJ.

However, according to departmental documents, the first drafts of this project were born in 2009-2010.

Internal charges

“The difference between the sum of$ 5 Million was authorized and the contract of$ 3.2 Million granted at R3D Conseil inc. is attributable to the internal costs of the RACJ and the ministry of public Security in the performance of the mandate, ” said Ms. Tremblay.