Fun profit from Ternopil, hiding behind church

top-photo-300x225Resident of Ternopil warns of scams that are hiding behind the charity, raising money:
– December 28, came to my house a man with a woman (obviously not our nationality) who collected funds for orphans. This man who spoke to me unknown accent, presenting some documents and explained that fundraising exercise of the Church of St. Michael. By the way, these people visit me not the first time – that the treatment for the child collected, then offer to pray for me – wrote ternopolyanka in social networks
Then she decided to ask the same church, or believers gather their money:
– Appealed to the church today. The answer is predictable – no one ever from the church any money not collected on apartments … about these “asylum” in the church know, they even phoned “Friendship” asked if their church is truly sad poslala.Same that the villains were not small list of people and the amount of donations (my neighbors included). Be careful not to trust such people. And warn your family and friends so they do not become a victim of these scams.

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