Funeral of Jean Rochefort : The pain of his wife Françoise and their daughters

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Clemence Rochefort, Françoise Vidal and Louise Rochefort at the funeral of Jean Rochefort in the church of Saint-Thomas d’aquin in Paris, on October 13, 2017.

Clémence and Louise Rochefort surrounded their mother for the mass in tribute to their dad.

Several hundred people attended Friday, October 13, at the funeral of the actor Jean Rochefort celebrated in the church of Saint-Thomas d’aquin in Paris, in the presence of many personalities. In the crowded church open to the public, the mass in his honor was started by a few words spoken by one of the daughters of Jean Rochefort, Leniency, before that Edward Baer will succeed him to tell a few anecdotes, according to the wishes of the deceased, who died in the night from Sunday to Monday, at the age of 87, reports AFP.

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In his homily, Father Guy Poisley emphasized the”elegance [Jean Rochefort] imbued with a simplicity that made the good”, under the eyes of her five children, and his wife Françoise in the first place.

Particularly beloved of the French cinema, Jean Rochefort, had five children, Marie and Julien, whose mother was Alexandra Moscwa, Peter, an actor whose mother is Nicole Garcia, and two daughters with Françoise Vidal. On the pictures of his last farewell, one can see the faces of his two age, Louise (27 years old), in which Jean Rochefort, had passed on his passion for riding, and Clemency (25 years). This last, an apprentice actress, and lover of fashion, had published a moving tribute on social media, unveiling a tender picture with his father.

With Françoise Vidal, Jean Rochefort has written a love story almost thirty years. “I met my wife Françoise in a contest full [three tests are distinct, a jumping test, a training test and a specific test, the cross, ed.], he had told in the pages of Tv Star. She had a national level. Me, I was a jumper suitable, but a breeder passionate. The horses make you want to live intensely, to listen to the other.”

Jean Rochefort in 1990

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